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YBS the name of SUCCESS,

Established in '2015 


YBS has grown up from 1994, we mainly has known as business in Polyurethane parts. From 2015, the NEW YBS AUTO Parts launched with Korean High-Technical Fuel Pump and Suspension parts.​



EFI Fuel pump is well-known high technology of car fuel system. And It needs correct system and technical facts for safety and efficiency. Our long-established knowledge of mechanical tech and carrer can make a new chapter of Fuel-pump!

Auto polyurethane Parts

Many of automobile parts needs high-tech and performance.

From steel to light-aluminium and from Rubber to Polyurethane, YBS has grown up with polyurethane parts as 22 yearsfrom 1994.

We tested many kinds of Polyurethane parts are well adopted in the various section of car equipment.

Polyurethane material has a light than rubber and long-lasting durability to rust.

Suspension parts and shock-absorber part are changing a high performance polyurethane tuning parts.

Expanded Factory


Especially, we build a new factory for special reason. For need of expansion of business, and Best quality check system need to more qfficiency to manufacturing. Besides a factory, builded new facility for Auto-Spare Parts area.

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